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You’re a smart savvy professional business person, while your loans might not always be straight forward; your loans structures can be. And at great rates too.

Let our expert brokers trained in reading financials and understanding complex circumstances liase between the lenders and you. Our advanced technology makes our expert brokers able to help you extremely quickly. Our whole process is designed around you and your existing systems to make getting your loans faster, easier, and better.

Multi Property Small Business Owner

Mr and Mrs Jones* had multiple properties and had bought a property off the plan and then Mr Jones was relocated overseas for work. His big 4 bank here in Australia had given him a pre approval but when it came time to complete the new purchase, the lender no longer wished to fund Mr Jones as their bank lending to expats policies had changed in the interim between when he had entered into the contract and when it came time to take possession of the property…Read More >

*Jones names have been changed to protect privacy

Medical Professional Doctor

We had a Doctor Smith* who had a company, a trust, and multiple other structures in place. He wanted to buy his surgery using his super. No lender he had been to was able to understand his circumstances, of how his structures worked and he was worried all the legal and accounting advice he had paid for would be undone accidentally by lenders who didn’t understand how they worked. Read More >

*Smith is not his real name

IT Professional

Our client Mr Morgan*, was an up and coming successful IT professional who recently moved from being an employee with a company to a contractor. He also has spent some time off travelling last year and so had multiple intervals in his work and had not saved mush of a deposit but urgently wanted to buy a property as he wanted to marry his girlfriend and have somewhere to live together. Read More >

*Not his real name

It’s Not Faith

In Technology.

It’s Faith

In People.


We’re FinanceOnTheCoast, an innovative mortgage broking and finance broking company covering Australia, the beaches- both the Northern Beaches and also especially the Central Coast . We pride ourselves on developing unique and professional solutions with loan structures. Our technology is amazing but our people are even more amazing. Take a look around and don’t be shy.

What we can help you achieve

Home & Investment & Commercial loans | Save Money | Save Time | Simplify Your Life.

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  • Top 100 ASX companies employees

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Meet Our Team

Our secret to our customer’s success is our awesome broker team. A pleasure to work with and extremely experienced, all have lending contacts and have  previously worked at banks.

Dean Perry

Dean Perry

Senior Broker

Dean Perry has more than 16 years of banking experience, working in the residential lending sector. During this time he has helped countless people to purchase homes or source better rates.

Having worked as a lending manager and then regional executive within St George Bank for more than 10 years, he priorities his client's needs and goals to help them achieve this.

Dean helps to simplify the lending journey making it a seamless process from start to finish. He prides himself on managing each relationship ongoing and has many repeat clients.

Phil Riches


Phil is CEO & Director of Model Mortgages Pty Ltd. Phil has 16 years Commercial and Residential lending experience, currently as a licensed Finance Broker, with relevant background in various roles with major bank and non bank lenders. He has extensive experience forging long term high level partnerships with Accounting and Financial Planning practices.

Phil wanted to help his busy professional customers and referral partners through what can often be a ‘clunky’ loan application process. “Our system was borne from the ethos of helping our professional customers, and by uncovering what genuinely serves our customer best also saves us many hours on administrative tasks. We now have amazing systems that were built to serve the customer yet coincidentally save the broker a lot of time.”

Ian Hughes

Senior Broker

Ian has more than 26 years of banking experience, specifically working in the commercial and residential lending sector for over 22 years.
Having worked as a Senior Relationship Manager within St George Commercial & Business Bank for more than 12 years, he is acutely service and relationship driven, and quick to understand our client’s needs, providing working solutions with our range of financiers.
Ian prides himself on his ability to establish trusted relationships with our clients, our funders, and his professional network.
Ian has extensive and relevant industry experience within the financial planning, accounting, legal and and self managed super fund industries, and previously worked in London for a major UK bank.

Jason Wilkinson

Senior Broker

Jason has worked as a top banker at westpac and also at smaller lenders.

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