If you are new to buying property, you might just want to know how much can you borrow and how much deposit do you need to set aside and what will the ongoing costs likely be?

These are fair questions and working out renting vs buying,. how much extra it would cost as well as how much a home is likely to go up in value? Also maybe you want a home because you are thinking of having a family and want a yard for kids or you just want to be able to change your place to the way you want it to be without asking a landlord and hopefully the improvements will add value to something you own!

What ever your plan our unique fact find will help you to be able to determine which strategy for your loan structure is right for you. Our calculators can also help you get a rough idea of how much you can borrow and what the approximate costs are for stamp duty etc. You can and should do as much research as you feel comfortable with and always remember , if you want to know your borrowing capacity and best loans structure our professional brokers charge no fee so they can help you do this for FREE.

You don’t need to do everything yourself.