About Our Loans Service

How Can We Work Together When You're In either Sydney or the Central Coast and I'm interstate?

We are very good at communicating and have helped lots of customers that don’t live near us. We work over skype, phone and the internet.

Our systems are very suited to it too, most of the information gathering for your end is done online and the phone, and we can record skype when needed.

We answer our phones and return calls promptly.

We also answer all emails promptly.

This is one of the simplest things we do that sets us apart from our peers, we consider it  part of basic professional courtesies that our professional customers like and deserve.

How do I get started?

You can fill in our 60 second pre qualifying questions here

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

This is a possible option or you can manually email us your relevant bank statements

Will your home loan application work on my mobile device?

Yes, you can use our online application from your smart phone, laptop or tablet.

How Is This Different To Traditional Brokers and Banks?

Firstly, we are traditional brokers, very experienced but with more efficient technology than most other skilled brokers. The majority of brokers have a decent range of loans, in terms of structure and rates; much more than any individual bank or lender.

How Is This Different From A Comparison Site or Other Online Home Loan Sites?

Again, it’s the level of broker expertise, a cheap loan offer from an online site doesn’t mean anything if you can’t actually get the loan approved or even worse, if you do, and the loan is not necessarily a suitable loan for you.

Setting Up A Loan

What are the fees involved?

Brokerage is payable for all business and commercial loans along with complex home loans

How secure is my information?

We are required to keep your information safe, which we achieve through secure cloud based systems and firewalls and encryption. Our Privacy Policy is here.

Can you get me the lowest rate?

We can get you a suitable structure for your circumstances(assuming all information you have provided to us is correct and validated) and we usually have access to a range of low rates; it might be that there is a cheaper rate but its highly likely we would be close if not best in market.

Managing Your Mortgage Application

How does the application process work?

You have a few choices, you can call us on 0413124262 or take our quick pre-qualifying quiz ( to save you time if you don’t qualify)and then have one of our brokers contact you regarding your situation and have a robust conversation about your circumstances to work out the best way forward for you; in terms of loan structure and final pricing. Then you’d fill in either online or with the broker the full application and upload or email your supporting documents. Next the broker would stay in touch throughout the process, letting you know what is needed next in order for your loan to have the best chance of being approved.

How long does it take?

Our quick quiz takes less than 60 seconds. Our robust conversation takes 10-30 minutes, our full application takes approximately 15 minutes and uploading documents takes as long as you need. The whole approval process usually takes 5 working days, depending on complexity of the loan, the speed of the valuer and the wait time at the lender(more complex loans can take much longer and if a bank offers a super special sometimes it gets very back logged, sometimes valuers have trouble accessing a property to value it). The whole process takes at least 4 weeks, most settlements take 6 weeks. This is all dependent of if you select rapid refinance (if refinancing) etc. Suitable time frame expectations will be set and reset as you go along depending on circumstances.

What If I Have A Problem With My Loan Getting Approved?

We have a range of lenders but if we can’t get your loan set at any of our lenders, then we will let you know promptly.

Who writes my loan?

We work with you to work out the best loan structure and rate for you, mostly we broker your loan; which is where we liase directly with the banks team(usually credit team). Other times; we may put you in touch with a particular banker at a lending institution because they are able to help you better or faster than us. We are paid less for these loans by the lender as banks effectively share revenue with us and their loans departments do some of the work. We are one of few brokers who have this option open to us as we have always used this option for some clients when necessary. The end rate and product to you is no different no matter how the loan is written and service in these cases is still free to you.

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