Sometimes circumstances are such that you need a cheap introductory rate for a home or investment loan as you need cash flow to be minimal for a short term. Often cheap intro rate loans switch to a higher rate or charge a large fee to get out of(although large exit fees are getting smaller all the time).

Occasionally there is a great cheap introductory rate that can switch to a low ongoing rate. When that happens and you are a client or potential client of ours- you will be the first to know.

Do You Really Want A Cheap Intro Rate?

Sometimes you do, but sometimes you might just be better off with a low fixed rate or a loan that has redraw you can draw on when you have short term cash flow problems, sometimes you need a repayment holiday( some lenders have this as a free feature on their accounts where you can not make payments for a few months every so often). Again it really depends on whatever you actually need which we can uncover by our fact find.

If an introductory rate is something you just really want- simply let us know and fill in the form on the right.