These are the main reasons most people want to move and buy a home. We can assist in making the transition easy. We can write loans any where in Australia and we can also do bridging finance if need be.

What Is Bridging Finance?

Bridging finance is where you buy a new place but have not yet sold your old place, or have sold it but settle on the new property before your settlement on your old property has gone through, so there is some cross over time. During this time you don’t want to pay both mortgages, so you only pay the new one and the old one gets paid out of sale proceeds when the old property is sold. Also you might need a deposit bond for the new property or cash out from the old property before either has settled- we can also help arrange this if need be.

A deposit bond is where you pay a bond for your deposit that vouches to the vendor( and real estate agent )that you will pay the deposit at settlement. Most real estate agents accept deposit bonds these days but its always best to check.

Save Time & Money

Moving and property hunting are stressful enough, save yourself hassle and get us to do your loan. We have a huge number of lenders, a very high success rate at getting loans approved and at amazing rates. Our clients spend less than one hour of their time( if its a standard loan.) and we do the rest. So you can spend your time finding the right property and organising your move.