The smart money invests in real estate in Australia, no question. The diversity of real estate methodologies is very interesting. Some buy, renovate and hold, some buy and sell, some buy mining properties and only buy in mining towns where there is a variety of at least 5 minerals mined- such as gold, iron ore, silver, copper and rare metals. That way , the argument goes they will always have property in a town with employment as the spot prices for the different minerals change(assuming they don’t all move together) . Another thing particular to mining towns is usually when a mine is started they already know how long the reserve of metal they are mining will last for example; 50 years or 20 years and investors buy properties accordingly. Some folk buy properties near where they live and rent them out to friends. Some buy in a capital city.

Nearly everyone with any property investing methodology has made some money in property in Australia in the last 30 years to such a point that there is an argument that if you just bought anything anywhere you’d make money. We have however seen some customers do a lot better then others and as hard as it is to admit, the ones that did the most research made the most capital gain. Simple as that the more work they did the more money they made! That is no guarantee however that the past is a predictor of the future.

For property investors, the valuations of current properties- “as is” and “on completion” are often important. We can do these upfront(after a fact find and evaluation) if need be.

We can also talk to your accountant/planner if you ask us to, so we can make sure whatever tax/investment strategies you have in place with work within the loan structures we create for you.

This is particularly relevant for property portfolios, debt recycling(where you pay down consumer debt and then use the new equity for investment purposes) and also for self managed super loans.( where correct loan structure is vital)

As we have access to more lenders than most brokers and we have more experience in loan writing than most brokers, and it costs you no extra. I guess its like having a QC as your lawyer to argue your loan instead of a town solicitor and costs you nothing extra! The main benefit to you is your loan is more likely to get approved with the minimum effort on your part and at a great rate.