Simply paying less is a very noble and good reason to refinance your mortgage. Strangely most people wait until they also want to change their loan structure and this is most commonly when they want to purchase a new property. This perplexes us, as really it’s usually no more than an hour of your time( and quite a few of ours) and your loan can be refinanced to a lower rate without much hassle from your end.

So how much is an hour of your time worth? On average customers who refinance save at least $1700 immediately (within the year) and more as the life of the loan goes on, so why not call us today, spend an hour and save money!

You have better things to spend money on than over paying on interest. With that money you could either pay down your loan quicker, use it to invest or go on a holiday to Fiji.

Keep the Banks Honest

It costs you nothing extra to have us involved in your transaction, the bank simply pays us instead of their own loans departments. Banks often don’t bother to review existing customers rates to make sure they are the sharpest in the market for the customers circumstances, we review every customer annually, so you can be assured we are acting in your best interests, getting you the best rate always and freeing you to concentrate on making the income and living your life!